The Spring Make-up Look | 2016

Whilst I don't wear make-up everyday, I do like to change the products I use and the looks I do fairly frequently (every week or so).  This is the look that I have been creating most recently; a subtle but pretty look, which is very natural and suitable for day-to-day wear.  I'm not normally one for a lot of make-up anyway (although I probably use a lot more products than some!) but I like my make-up to look natural and I still want my skin to look like skin.  So, let's jump right in to the look and the products I used.
(The headings to each product are all clickable and have links to a site where you can buy them!) :)
The Spring Make-up Look | 2016
The Products

The Brushes

As you can probably tell, I really really love Real Techniques brushes.  I have so many of them; they are super affordable compared to some of the higher end brushes, however the quality of the brush has not been compromised.  The brushes pictured are:

1. 301 Flat Contour by Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection
2. Powder Brush by Real Techniques
3. Deluxe Crease Brush (Part of the Starter Set) by Real Techniques
4. Sculpting Brush by Real Techniques
5. Duo-Fiber Face Brush (Part of the Duo-Fiber Collection, although pictured is a limited edition colour) by Real Techniques

 The Lip Balm

Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter

I have tried so many different lip balms over the years, however none of them seem to compare to this one.  I like my lip balm to have a scent/taste to it, particularly if it is actually tastes of food (not a floral scent for example).  As the packaging states, it is Dark Chocolate and Peppermint flavour and it is amazing! (It tastes just like After Eights which I LOVE)!  It really moisturises my lips and keeps them from becoming dry and chapped.  I also think the packaging is great as you don't have to dip your finger in a pot; I find this a bit unhygienic especially if you are out and about.  The size of the lip balm is nifty and is perfect for the handbag.  It is also very affordable and is quite often on offer in Superdrug.

The Face

Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation (40 Light Ivory)

I first heard about this foundation in a magazine a couple of years ago where it supplied a mini sample for you to peel off and try out.  Normally I wouldn't bother with this kind of thing but I was looking for a new foundation and it happened to be the right shade for me so I gave it a go.  It seemed to apply really nicely and looked very natural, yet did give some coverage.  I really liked how it wore all day so I decided to go and buy it!  It really does live up to it's name, as the texture does seem to be 'whipped'.  It's a very light foundation compared to some of my other ones which is great however you can build it up to a medium-ish coverage if you would like.  I normally apply it with a brush as I find it blends it out the best (although this foundation doesn't need that much blending to be honest.)  The only thing I don't like about this product is the packaging.  Not only is it quite hard to open sometimes if my hands are slippery from applying moisturiser but I don't like that it is a pot as it regularly gets exposed to the air and it is not the most hygienic design.  However, because of the consistency I don't think it would really work as well with a pump so I can see why Max Factor designed it as they did. 


Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer (01 Ivory)

I only bought this concealer in the last two weeks and I had previously heard nothing about it.  I was just in Superdrug and needed a new brightening concealer for under my eyes.  I like Bourjois as a brand anyway, so thought to give this a try.  First of all I really like the packaging.  It looks like a mini bottle of foundation which is super cute.  I like the frosted glass bottle as it looks more high end and luxurious.  The doe foot applicator is great for applying the product to the face - you only need to dip the applicator in once to have enough product for all the areas you want to conceal.  The concealer also smells really nice, which I like.  This product claims to 'conceal', 'illuminate' and provide '24 hour hydration'.  I can vouch for the first two and confirm that it does do these, however I really don't think it provides 24 hour hydration (besides, who would were this for more than about 12 hours anyway!?).  My initial impression of this concealer is that I like it and it is comfortable to wear. 


Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder (52 Vanille)

My t-zone gets quite oily, particularly my nose, so besides using a primer I also have to use a mattifying powder to keep my make-up in place.  I used to use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder but after a while I stopped liking it as much as it didn't seem to keep the shine at bay throughout the day (little rhyme going on there.. :P).  I discovered this one and even though it was a little more than I would rather pay for a drugstore powder, I took the plunge and bought it. (I am so glad I did.)  As you can see I have hit pan and that is because it is honestly amazing.  Not only does it smell of apricots which is gorgeous, it just looks so lovely on the skin (although it is quite easy to put too much on which can look a bit cakey!)  The packaging is great and is a great handbag staple with the huge mirror! However it does claim to have a '10 hrs Matt Finish' which I don't quite agree with - I would say it lasts about 5 ish hours before I need to put a little bit more on.  The colour pictured is the lightest in the range (I've never seen a lighter shade) and it has such a silky texture. 

The Cheeks

Collection Shimmer Shades Blush (2. Blushalicious)

I never think my make-up is complete without blusher, as I think it just puts a nice amount of colour back into the face after applying foundation and concealer.  This blusher is by Collection; a very affordable brand (I think this was around the £4 mark) which is amazing.  You get a lot of product and I like the different shades of pink.  I normally swirl my brush around to get a mixture of the colours and I find this gives a lovely glow to the face.  It is nicely pigmented and lasts all day.  I have had this for quite a while now it is still going strong.  I'm not a massive fan of the packaging, however it is durable and if I'm only paying £4 for a blusher I'm not going to be too fussy about what it comes in! 

Sunkissed and Contour

Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer

I'm not one for some serious contour, however I do like to add a bit of definition a sun kissed look to my make-up.  I had heard some people on YouTube talking about this bronzer and highlighter so I thought I would give it a go.  (My friend actually bought it for me, so thank you!)  Firstly I'm not really a fan of the packaging as it is a bit flimsy after a lot of use however I'm pretty sure they have changed it since I got this one which is good. I love the bronzer side as it is a lovely light brown and isn't orange which is always a bonus, I don't want to look like a tangerine!!  It works beautifully as a bronzer for the whole face but I also use it for some light definition underneath my cheek bones and along my jaw line.  It lasts for a really long time on the skin and is so easy to apply and blend.  I find the highlighter on the right is a little too dark for my skin to actually use as a highlighter, so I tend to just mix the two colours together if I want something a bit more glowy.  

The Eyes

W7 In The Buff Eye Shadow Palette (Silk)

This eye shadow palette is seriously amazing.  You may be thinking that it looks remarkably like the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, which is what I thought when I saw it too!  I have never actually tried the Naked Palettes so I can't comment on the similarities and differences however I do have the UD Naked Basics Palette and the wearability and pigmentation are very similar from both.  As you can see from the swatches below, the pigmentation is incredible and there is little to no fall out.  For Spring/Summer I love to use the champagne shade that I am pointing to in the picture as an all over lid shade.  Whilst I do use an eye shadow primer these shadows seriously do not budge for the entire day.  They are so gorgeous and comfortable to wear.  They apply and blend beautifully and I can't really fault this palette.  Also, it was incredibly inexpensive, at around £6!  I think they do another palette in different colours and I definitely want to try it!
 Swatched from left to right: Earth, Storm, Silk

The Lashes

Liz Earle Lash Definition Smudgeproof Mascara (Black 01)

I mentioned this mascara in my monthly favourites video for March so you can read my full review of it here.  I think this is a great one for Spring time as it gives lovely definition and volume but isn't too heavy for the minimal (looking) make-up I have been doing recently.  It lasts ALL day and I can't really fault it.

The Lips 

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter (050 Berry Smoothie)

I bought this a while ago and never really used it as I found it too buttery (I know, clue's in the name) and almost a bit wet.  However I have recently rediscovered it and thought to give it another try and I absolutely love it.  I think the best way to apply this is to dab it onto the lips and smudge it in with your fingers for a more natural and comfortable wear.  The colour is beautiful and really is suitable for any time of the year.  As the name suggests it is a lip 'butter' and I learned the hard way with another shade I had that leaving it on the table in the sun is not a good idea.  It went all melty and blotchy so I stopped using it.  The packaging is good and durable and I like that the lid is the colour of the product itself to help quickly  distinguish the colours.  It lasts for a couple of hours before it needs reapplying.  Love it!

The Finished Look! 

I hope you liked this post.  See you in the next one,
Molly x


  1. You look lovely dear !! Such a pretty look. Love the Revlon lip color. Would u like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x

    1. Hello there, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Yes of course. I have just followed you on Bloglovin. Are you on Instagram? :) x

  2. Very cute :) You are doing so well for a blog that is only over a month old, seriously what's your secret? ;)
    I'd love to give you some tips if you would like, to explore some more exciting things you can do to make posts stand out more, and to clean up the layout a bit. I don't want to not sound creepy by asking your age and a bit about yourself- because I really think we could be friends, so an ABOUT page would be very useful if you had one to tell us all those things. I have a couple of helpful posts with blogging recourses ( and tips ( that you can have a look at.

    Also you can ask me anything you like if you think I may have an answer.
    Can't wait to hear from you,


    1. Never mind, I now realise you have been posting for longer.

    2. Hi Beka! I welcome help for my blog, thank you so so much for spending the time to give me advice, I will definitely take it on board! I am 19 and I am from England. What about you? I will have a look at your posts that you have linked me to!

      Thank you,
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