I haven't really tried a lot of makeup from Urban Decay, but one of the products I have got is the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette which I LOVE.

It is the perfect palette made up of five matte shades and one shimmery one; the latter being perfect for the inner corner of the eye or as a highlighter shade.  The colour range is fantastic and you can create so many looks, from a subtle everyday look to a dark smoky eye.  The pigmentation is so so good and there is hardly any fall out.  Each colour blends very seamlessly and seem to stay put on my eyes all day.  

Other benefits in terms of packaging is that the palette itself is so slim and compact which is great for travel, and is my go-to palette when I go somewhere.  Also it has a large mirror which is again awesome for travel.  

However, I came across this little palette from W7 called In The Mood, which only cost around £7.  It looks scarily similar to the Urban Decay one don't you think? A little bit of copying going on here?!  Copying or not, I had to try it out to see what the pigmentation was like.  

I would say that the colours when swatched are pretty damn similar, but there is a difference in quality.  The W7 one is a lot chunkier than the UD one, and has a lot more fall out.  Having said this, they still apply quite nicely and you can create pretty looks with it.

W7 Palette Swatch
Urban Decay Palette Swatch
 As you can see, the colours are pretty similar. Both have good pigmentation, but I would say the colours in the Urban Decay one are a little more vibrant, particularly the darker ones and apply more smoothly.  It is evident in the W7 swatches that the lighter shades are a bit chunkier. 

As you can see in this W7 swatch, whilst the colours are similar to the UD ones they are quite chunky which can make it messier to apply.

The UD shadows swatch much smoother and the pigmentation is a bit more even.

My verdict? I would say it evidently depends on your budget - if you don't want to shed out £24 for the Urban Decay palette, then the W7 is a pretty good dupe and would give you very similar results.  If you want something a little more luxury and you want to invest, then the Urban Decay one is great, the packaging is more sturdy and having the mirror is great.  (The lid has actually broken off of the W7 one which is annoying!). 

Personally, I don't regret buying the Urban Decay one and I think it is worth the money as it will last you a good while, but the W7 is a good, cheaper alternative if you don't quite have the budget.

Molly x