The Start of Something New

So, before I burden you with all of my thoughts, ideas and opinions, I thought I would just introduce myself.

My name is Molly, I live in England, and I am currently a student at University.  I would describe myself as very girly, into makeup and beauty, with a (reasonable) interest in healthy eating; although I can never turn down a good-old Cadbury Twirl. 

I have a keen interest for makeup and beauty, and I love browsing around Boots or Superdrug looking for new product launches to try out.  My boyfriend alongside some of my friends seem to think I have too much makeup, in particular makeup brushes; in my opinion, you can NEVER have too much makeup.

On another note, I have been on a gluten-free diet since the age of 8, due to finding out I had an intolerance to it.  Despite the initial hardship, I now embrace it, and love hunting for new caf├ęs and restaurants to try, that offer gluten-free foods on the menu.     

I have been interested in starting a blog for a couple of years now, as I am an avid watcher and reader of the online beauty community, both on YouTube and independent blogs.  I also like watching and reading about healthy eating, and I thought starting a blog would be the perfect way to express myself and my views, as I love writing.  

Hopefully this blog will be (somewhat) interesting to read.  Whether it's beauty related, lifestyle related or diet related, I hope it is interesting to some.  That said, I am not in any way trying to gain loads of followers, or become super popular, I just want to immerse myself in the online community and pursue a keen interest and 'dream' of mine!

Thanks for taking the time to read this - I will be checking in again very soon! 
Molly x