Feeling Happy

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." - Dalai Lama


This wonderful quote really sums up how I feel about happiness.  It is something everybody strives to feel.  I wanted to write this post because I am at that stage in life where I am meeting a lot of new people and doing a lot of new and exciting things.  Being at university has definitely changed me as a person and I am now a lot more independent and have a lot more responsibilities.  However I have had a few moments where I have either missed home, been stressed with work or just generally not been feeling my best.  I chatted to my friends and asked them what they think is the best way to stay happy and positive and the following quotes during this post are directly from them, so thanks guys!

"Doing the things you enjoy most"

 Feeding goats at a farm - August 2015
 I believe happiness can be sought through your actions and mental attitude.  Also, having loving people around you keeps you feeling positive and supported. Going shopping, watching films, going out for a meal, whatever it is that you love doing the most, make sure you do this regularly to give you that essential life balance that you need.  
I grew up doing ballet which I absolutely loved and I did it for 15 years.  However when I came to University I stopped and I wanted to find another alternative.  This year I have joined the Badminton club which was a great investment as it is a great way to keep fit and meet new people.

"Taking time out for you"
 On holiday in France with my friend Agie - May 2014

Everybody has things they need do in life, but taking the time to nurture yourself and your mind is arguably, just as important.  It will ensure you have a positive and relaxed mindset which will ultimately allow you to complete day to day tasks much more successfully.  My favourite way to wind down and relax is to get into comfy clothes, spend time on my skincare, paint my nails, and watch YouTube videos in my room (probably with some chocolate too).  I also love spending time with my wonderful boyfriend, Ciaran, who I love very much (and loves me too, what a bonus!) 

"Being around people that love you and make you laugh"
 The birthday cake from my birthday with all of my friends - July 2015

I don't have a huge group of friends, but the close friends I do have I cherish and love.  I love chatting to them, hanging out with them and just having a laugh.  Apparently children can laugh up to 400 times a day, whereas adults only laugh around 15 times a day.  That is a sad fact and it can be changed!  Watching a comedy film or just chilling out with your best friend can make you feel so much more relaxed and happy.  

"A healthy lifestyle not only nourishes your body but your mind also"
Some of my favourite healthy snacks from summer 2015

A smoothie I made in summer 2015

Since I have been at university I have had to start buying my own food and cooking a lot more.  Luckily I like cooking so this isn't an issue for me, but I can understand that this may be quite difficult for some people to adjust to.  I have a wheat intolerance so I naturally can't eat a lot of fast foods or takeaways etc, so I have often had to find my own alternatives.  Apart from my love of chocolate and pasta, I am quite a healthy eater.  I would say 6/7 days a week I exceed the recommended 5 fruit and vegetables a day, just because I love eating them.  I definitely feel much happier and more energised when I eat healthy food.  You don't have to spend loads of money to be able to eat healthily, just shop at Lidl like I do and you can fill up your cupboard and fridge with some very delicious food without breaking the bank.  (My favourite snack is avocado on toast..yum.)

Here are some pictures of some of my favourite moments from the last few years. 

 Trip to the beach with Ciaran and his friends - June 2015

 Trip to a National Trust property with Ciaran - June 2015

 The cakes I made for my Grandma's birthday - July 2015

 Seeing Ellie Goulding live at the Eden Project with my friend Alysha - July 2014

 Trip to Hyde Park on holiday with Ciaran - July 2015

 Visiting my friend Lily at her University - November 2014

 When my friend Laura came to stay - July 2015

 Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour with my parents - April 2015

 Enjoying a delicious Easter cake made by my Auntie - April 2014

A day at the zoo with my parents for my birthday - July 2014
I hope this was an interesting read for you.  It's something a bit different but I have had this topic in mind for a while because I love going and doing things that make me happy with my favourite people!
Speak soon, Molly x