My Summer Trilogy: 20th Birthday!

So, I am back! It has been over a month since I last wrote a blog post, which I am a little ashamed about! However I have been incredibly busy this last month, which will be explored in a later post. (Hint: I am now temporarily living in another country!) 

Anyway, as the beautiful season of Autumn is approaching, I thought I would do a summer reflection blog post.  However I had so many things I wanted to include, I thought I would do three blog posts entirely dedicated to my summer.  This first one is going to be about my 20th birthday which was on 22nd July.

I was very lucky this year and received some very thoughtful gifts.  Thank you to everyone who sent me a card, gave me a present, or simply wished me a Happy Birthday!

I love having my birthday in the summer as it leaves a good gap between my birthday and Christmas.  Also, if the weather is good, it makes for a lovely celebration.  Luckily this year the weather held out for me so I decided I wanted to go to a beautiful town on the south coast of Devon called Salcombe.  I have been here a few times before and I love it.  The cute little shops, the bunting, and most of all the stunning views make for a delightful day out. 

I went there with my Mum, Dad and my boyfriend Ciaran and we took a picnic.  I did a bit of shopping as I had received some birthday money and we bought some ice-creams which were YUM. 

My birthday celebrations did continue into the evening.  I decided to go out to a nightclub called Oceana (which is amazing) with my friends.  We got all dressed up and I had SUCH a great time! 

I hope you enjoyed this post (I certainly enjoyed myself in the pictures!)  The next part of the trilogy will be coming very soon!

Molly x


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