My Summer Trilogy: Gluten Free Cream Teas & Relaxing

Cast your mind back to the beautiful month of July where there were blue skies everyday and the sun was shining.  Well, unfortunately not every day was like that.  But that didn't stop me from taking these photos and enjoying my little trip away.  It was my two year anniversary with Ciaran since we started going out (aww.) We decided to have a little trip away to celebrate as we had both worked really hard over the summer holidays and we rarely got days off together.  We wanted to stay somewhere for the night and decided to stay fairly close to home.  I had heard really good things about a hotel in Totnes called The Royal Seven Stars Hotel (it included dinner AND breakfast so, we had to go!) Also, as we both work for the National Trust it automatically means we have membership too so we decided to make the most of that and visited Saltram House, a magnificent Georgian mansion in Plympton, on our way to Totnes. As you can see, we enjoyed walking around the gardens, admiring the house, and demolishing a DELISH cream tea (mine was actually Gluten-Free!).  As we had spent our entire summer serving customers cream teas where we work, it was a treat to enjoy it for ourselves! 

Did you know that cream teas have divided Devon and Cornwall for a long time.  Pictured is the Devonian way (the right way.. shh!) to which you put the cream on first and then the jam.  Many people prefer it the other way around which is seen as the Cornish way!

After we finished our cream teas we then drove to Totnes.  We got to the hotel and it had a unique and ornate feel to it.  Each room was decorated differently or had a different theme.  We were shown to our room which had a Queen sized bed, air-con, TV, bath, shower and so on.  The room was so tranquil and relaxing.  (I did decide to try out the bath, which was equally as relaxing!) The food was also delicious.  We enjoyed three course meals in the evening and then a full English breakfast in the morning.  We also decided to buy a bottle of Cava and some plastic glasses (classy!) as a little treat for when we arrived.  I truly enjoyed myself so much and we were very well looked after.  It was the perfect little get-away!

And yes, we paid a little extra money just to have bath robes. It's the small things in life!